Forged in Feathers Farm

Currently eggs available whenever the sign is out front.

Farm Building

Building is well on its way

The farm store should open in the summer

A huge thank you to Mike and his team from USOM, LLC for rescuing the construction of what will become our farm store. They worked a bunch of cold days to completely re-build the barn for us.

The structure is complete, we are cleaning things up and getting ready to insulate and start the next phase of preparation. We know there have been delays, but like all good things, they take time. Thanks for your patience - trust us, we're itching to open up too!

While we wait to open the store, were working on our digital presence - site, socials, and channels. Lots of fun to come!

One last thing!

Take a look in the top or bottom of the page and check out the new Weather page! With stats from right here on the farm!